Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New York, New York

I spent a fabulous week in New York City.   All bead related.   Initially, I was going up to attend the Whole Bead Show, and see some of my wholesalers who have their showrooms in the city.   Then, I received an email from my fave Czech supplier, York Novelty.  They were sponsoring a bead event featuring workshops and classes with Laura McCabe and Maggie Roschyk just a couple of days before I was intending to be there.   Holy plan changer!   I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a class from Larura McCabe!!  My usual four day visit turned into a week.

'the gang'
Laura, Perry Bookstein of York Novelty, Betsey, me, Nikia and Sherry

After making my plans, I heard some more good news.   First, on facebook, I found out that Nikia Angel (Buy the Kit) and Betsey Ventrilla (Beyond Beadery) were flying in to shop and support their beady buds.   Then, my pal Sherry Serafini messaged me that she would be there with Maggie.   It was like old home week at the Meet the Teachers wine and cheese event on the Thursday night before the workshops began.

Maggie, me and Sherry

I attended the Whole Bead Show on Friday, and again Sunday, buying lots and lots of goodies for the shop.   I even ran into a customer who was visiting her son in the city.   Saturday was class day.   Yippee!!   It was so much fun to be on the other side, being the student for a change, instead of the hostess.

 Monday and Tuesday were filled with wonderful beady shopping,    I shopped with  my favorite pearl and stone vendors, visited the folks who bring us the Thunderpolish crystal and saw their whlole line, and of course picked out my Czech beads from York (too busy taking classes and visiting friends to shop before.)

  But I am really excited about the leather!!    Sherry was all excited about getting leather from Mood Fabrics.   You may know that name from Project Runway and Project Accessory.   I went there and was floored!!   The beautiful leathers I saw!!   I purchased a few different pelts, and a snap and eyelet setting tool.   I am thinking bead embroidered leather cuffs, ala Laura McCabe (without her signature spikes.)   I did pick up some fabulous druzy cabs...Hmmmm.......


  1. Awesome leather....I will have to remember to bring in my snake skin embroidered bracelet ~ :)