Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More on B&B Show

I am now back in the store and my magical eight days of bead heaven are over. But what an eight days I had!!

I took a ton of classes, but anyone who knows me knows that I am results oriented, and will finish every one of them. As I do, I will post my finished piece.

First batter up...Sherry Serafini. That kick off class was just fun!

We made a rockin' leather bracelet. I actually got that finished before I returned!

Sherry is a true bead rock star, and we are so lucky to have this treasure in the Pittsburgh area.

I am now blogging from my smartphone. Sorry I didn't figure out this option til I got back, but not bad for an old broad!

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Wall

I love to bead.   Simple as that.   I could bead everyday, all day long.   So I thought.

Yesterday, after six straight days of seed bead classes, I hit The Wall.   As in, 'the beading wall'.   I could not do a thing.   Couldn't find my step up in tubular peyote, could not read and comprehend directions, could not pick up the proper beads, simply could not bead.

Everyone needs to know their limitations.   Now I know mine.

Funny thing, the three other gals in my class who had been in my master class experienced the same thing.   We could not do a thing right.   We had  hit 'The Wall'.

Not that I didn't get anything done.   I did learn a new to me stitch, the Albion stitch.   And I am well on my way to making a beautiful necklace.   But, man, did I do a LOT of frog stitching!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bead and Button Show Update

Today was my last day of Master Class with Marica DeCoster.   It was marvelous!!   Everything I had hoped it would be.    The theme of the class was 'Playing with Possibilities" and that is exactly what we did.   Marcia had a playground of sorts for students to experiment and design with,  consisting of various beady combinations of five different components.   We used them to come up with our own designs, photographed them, then started making our own components to create with.  

I found as I worked on each component, different ways to use them popped into my head.   I have so many ideas!!   In the three days, I designed a pendant, earrings, and an asymmetric necklace.

Tonight we had our graduation dinner.    A very nice way to end a simply wonderful class!!

I am sorry for the lack of pictures, but I am unable to get them onto my blog.   Don't know if is this connection or my computer (probably this computer)   Check out CBB's facebook page to see some of my projects.

Tomorrow....Sonoko Nozue!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bead and Button Show: Day One

I made it to Milwaukee!!   It has been a long day, and I am about to turn in, but Day One is in the hopper.

I  met up with some of our customers, three crazy sisters that we all call the Sissies.   Here at the hotel we have a great meeting/mingling/beading area.   I spent a good portion on the afternoon there with the Sissies.   Then my first class.

It was great fun taking my first class from an old friend, Pittsburgh's own Sherry Serafini.   Sherry is a rock star here!!   We worked on a leather and bead embroidery cuff bracelet, Rebel Cuff.  I  am trying to add a photo, but no luck, and I need to get to bed.   Master Class with Marcia De Coster tomorrow.   Good night!