Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Wall

I love to bead.   Simple as that.   I could bead everyday, all day long.   So I thought.

Yesterday, after six straight days of seed bead classes, I hit The Wall.   As in, 'the beading wall'.   I could not do a thing.   Couldn't find my step up in tubular peyote, could not read and comprehend directions, could not pick up the proper beads, simply could not bead.

Everyone needs to know their limitations.   Now I know mine.

Funny thing, the three other gals in my class who had been in my master class experienced the same thing.   We could not do a thing right.   We had  hit 'The Wall'.

Not that I didn't get anything done.   I did learn a new to me stitch, the Albion stitch.   And I am well on my way to making a beautiful necklace.   But, man, did I do a LOT of frog stitching!!

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