Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bead and Button Show Update

Today was my last day of Master Class with Marica DeCoster.   It was marvelous!!   Everything I had hoped it would be.    The theme of the class was 'Playing with Possibilities" and that is exactly what we did.   Marcia had a playground of sorts for students to experiment and design with,  consisting of various beady combinations of five different components.   We used them to come up with our own designs, photographed them, then started making our own components to create with.  

I found as I worked on each component, different ways to use them popped into my head.   I have so many ideas!!   In the three days, I designed a pendant, earrings, and an asymmetric necklace.

Tonight we had our graduation dinner.    A very nice way to end a simply wonderful class!!

I am sorry for the lack of pictures, but I am unable to get them onto my blog.   Don't know if is this connection or my computer (probably this computer)   Check out CBB's facebook page to see some of my projects.

Tomorrow....Sonoko Nozue!!

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